Now that we all have our laptops now, I am thankful that we have all survived with our laptops intact. Honestly, when this program was announced last year, I thought that this was a bad idea, since there would be at least one person who would lose a laptop. Thankfully, I was proven wrong over the past weeks, as my batch was surprisingly responsible with our laptops.


I am very happy to say that no one has lost their laptops yet. In my opinion, the One2One Program of Xavier School is really nice, as it shows the students a very different side of learning, and it will also make them more responsible. Learning in the classroom can be fun too, as we sometimes go online to research for various information. For example, students are supposed to be responsible enough to have battery the whole day, and not just play COD or Pokemon all day. Students are also expected to take care of their Macs all the time, as it is very dangerous to leave it anywhere. However, there are still some bad effects of the laptops on us. I believe that some people are already addicted to their Macs. Sometimes, even I would personally spend whole recesses and lunch breaks just owning other people in CoD. Other times, I would play Pokemon.


Overall, I am still proud of my batch for pioneering the One2One Program of Xavier School. I hope that learning in the classroom would be more efficient, as these are the very first weeks, and I know that my batch can improve and be more effective in the classroom.