In my opinion, the 2nd week of the SOP program was more successful than our last one last week. This is because we had an easier time because we knew what to do. For example, almost all of us were early, and so we got to leave eariler and got to arrive on time. This gave us more time to interact with the kids, the full three hours. For the first hour, we pretty much did the same thing last week, the kids just led us around and did anything they wanted. Others played sports like soccer, others just ran around. My partner preffered to play frisbee, and then I let him play frisbee with his friend. After the first hour, my class had recess with the kids. We gave them the snacks that we had brought, like oreos for me, then they ate them. For the second hour, we continued playing with them, its just that they were also eating at the same time. Some got tired, like my kid, and sat on the bench. For the 3rd hour, we then gave the kids the lunch that we gave them, which was Jollibee.

After the 2nd week of SOP, we kind of did the same thing, so I don’t think that I learned a lot of new things or had any new realizations. However, I learned that my kid was kind of quiet and preferred doing things instead of talking. I realized that I am lucky that I got my partner, I am starting to like him more and more. His personality suits me I think, because I also don’t like to talk a lot. I felt good about this week of SOP, and as always, I am excited for this week’s SOP.