For the 3rd week of SOP, I think that it was a pretty light week as we just showed them a cartoon movie (Tom & Jerry) and gave them snacks. We used a white cloth and projector to show the movie, which was in a better resolution than their normal tv. However, only half of them were present as some other school was also doing an outreach program. 

I felt happy for the kids as they were given a chance to experience watching a movie and that the movie looked better and did not have any glitches or static like in their tv. I am also happy because they seemed like they enjoyed the movie very much, as they were laughing almost the whole time. 

For this week of SOP, I learned that while we may not enjoy the same things, we and the kids are alike. I guess that we are all alike in that we all want to have fun. I also learned that other people, especially the poor, appreciate and value things more than we do.