For the fourth and last week of the SOP program, the mentoring groups opted to merge as one class. We then had a kind of party for the kids, as some of my other classmates taught them to dance. The class then proceeded to dance with the kids and had fun. After dancing, the class brought the prepared food and then gave it to the kids. The kids then ate the food while talking among themselves. 

I felt good after the fourth week of the SOP program, as I have successfully completed all of the required SOP’s. I also felt good that we were able to help the kids feel happy at least once a week, we were able to help them in at least some little way. 

After completing all the SOP’s this year, I learned that the kids that we have just helped need a lot more help. After we finished our SOP, another school came and interacted with them. This must happen through out the whole year, maybe because the kids really do need a lot of help. I learned that we are very lucky to have this SOP program because this gave us an opportunity to help the less fortunate. This also taught me that I should do my best the next time an opportunity like this happens, like next year.