The second day was by far the best SOP day for me, even including the SOP’s that we had in high 2. At first, I was dismayed that some of our families were not there, so I had to be adopted by a new one. I was transferred to one of the families at the bottom of the hill with 2 of my other classmates. Our new family’s main livelihood was to wash clothes, so that’s what they made us do. It was actually pretty easy for us since we were 3, but it was still hard work, definitely harder than last week. What I liked about this SOP is that I truly felt like I was part of the community. The mother of my new family was very loving and caring, she really treated us like her own sons. I also liked the part where she said that they were still happy in Payatas. Despite their situation, they were still happy and that was pretty nice. After doing work, she let us play billiards with the other kids in the community. She said that she’ll just call us when she’s done cooking for us, and that made me really feel like I was part of her family. It was like another normal day in Payatas. Then we proceeded to eat in their house. Overall, this was a pretty wonderful experience, I hope that the rest of the future SOP’s are going to be like this.